Bali beer belly

As a hot and humid beach destination, tourists tend to drink whatever is cold.  This means a lot of beer.  The three below are the most common Balinese beers.


Bintang Pilsner tasted metallic and flat. Bali Hai “premium” lager tasted…metallic and flat.  The San Miguel was our saving grace on this leg of the journey, especially with a side of fresh young coconut water on the beach.  When served cold in the bottle, it was light and refreshing.  Almost tasted like a Franziskaner but maybe that was a bit of wishful thinking brought on by the perfect beach setting:

bali beer and coconut

BTW, we of course tried the native wine, a white and a red by Hatten:

DSC00169 25

Our review?  Stick to the mixed drinks…pina coladas and caipirinhas pool side are great:

Mixed drinks

Oh wait, we found one more beer right before flight out.

DSC00170 25

Maybe Ancher is the next Heady Topper and will redeem all other Balinese Beers?

DSC00174 25

Actually, you guessed it, metallic and flat.  Looking foward to Croatia.


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