Bali, Indonesia

Island insouciance got the better of us, and we’re a little delayed in an update here.  Turns out we preferred to spend our time surfing, swimming and playing rather than posting. Plus, our internet access has been inconsistent and too slow to upload pictures.  Plus, we’re lazy.

One of our witty friends reflected on how our honeymoon would be somewhat similar to the popular novel Eat, Pray, Love, only it would be more like Drink, Surf, Love. Bali pretty much lived up to that promise.

photo (1)


We’ve done plenty of exploring on this leg of our journey.  We surfed the breaks at Dreamland and Canggu…


… climbed rice fields and drink specialty coffees in Ubud…

DSC00139 DSC00137


and had plenty of time at the beach.  Our hotel was pretty sweet, with an ocean view and a huge tub.

DSC00072 DSC00075

Bali was relaxing above all else, and we spent much time lounging around by the pool.  We’ve been catching up on our reading. Evan, on a fantasy kick, read Ender’s Game and then all four of the Game of Thrones novels.  Kate, reading whatever she comes across, finished Alif the Unseen, A Thousand Splendid Suns, People of the Book and Haruko Murikami’s 1100 page tome IQ84.

Sometimes we eat nice meals of fresh fish and spicy curries.  Here’s a shot of us dining on the beach in Jimbaran Bay.


Other times we eat Ramen noodles from the convenience store down the road. Yum.DSC00087

We still like to horse around.


Evan is shopping for a masculine t-shirt.  What do you think?


The local people here are very friendly.


And we have a short one night stay in Korea before connecting to Europe. We eat at a Korean BBQ our last night in Korea and learn that we don’t actually know much about how Korean BBQ works.  We continuously eat the delicious pickled condiments laid out on the table, much to the chagrin of the waiter who continuously replaces them.  We cook our steak strips to an appropriately bloody consistency, pick them up with chopsticks and proceed to gnaw through huge chunks of meat like neanderthals before our waiter shows us the intended use for the scissors at the table. We won’t even tell you what we did with the boiled egg custard.  We’re hopeless.

Here is a picture of our hotel room…


…and our toilet.  The fact that nothing is in English makes pushing all the buttons extra fun!!



1 thought on “Bali, Indonesia

  1. Great to hear from you and love all the pictures. Today at USPS I picked up a box from Bali which originally came from JW. Marriott in Seoul, Korea. Have a couple of bathing suits, exercise clothes, hat, etc. Looked like the package was beat up on the way to Brecksville!!

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