Our Offer

As we begin our two month wine-soaked trip, we invite you to share in our journey.

What’s in it for you?  We’ll buy you a case of wine (12 bottles) you would likely not come across in the US because we’re going to buy directly from the winery.  We’ll shoot for an average price $25 a bottle or $300 a case (this includes shipping cost).  Actual cost will depend on the wines we get and the price we’re able to negotiate.  We promise it won’t exceed $360 a case.

Why are we doing this?  We believe that incredible wine doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to taste the same as the wine you had last night.  We love drinking wine with you and want to share our passion for flavorful, unique wines from around the world.

What’s the catch?  We’ve only got room for 16 cases and will be accepting requests on a first come first serve basis.   You’re limited to one 12 bottle case, no more, no less.  The wine will be a diverse collection from Croatia, Italy, France, Spain and Argentina.

What’s the bottom line?  You agree to buy a case (12 bottles) of incredible and diverse wine from us at a cost less than $360.

We’ve gotten strong interest on this offer and anticipate the 16 slots will fill quickly. Please send us a reply back now if you can commit.  No money now, we’ll collect once we deliver the wine to you in a few months.

In Love with Wine,

Kakera (Evan and Kate) / www.kakerawine.com / kakerawine@gmail.com


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