Our Philosophy

We believe that incredible wine doesn’t have to be expensive. We also believe that incredible wine doesn’t have to taste the same as the wine you had last night.  We love learning about, making, drinking, discussing and sharing wine. We have a passion for flavorful, unique wines from around the world.

We’ve made it our mission to taste value wines from around the world and, in the process, we’re consistently impressed with the diversity and quality of wines available.  We think the best wines capture the essence of the place in which they’re grown.  Currently, wine importation favors mass production because of the costly multi-step system of négociants, importers, distributors and retailers.  To make money they need to appeal to a broad market, so wines available in the US tend to be tailored to the American palate of high alcohol and strong fruit.

We’ve found in our travels that this is not necessarily the type of wine enjoyed by the rest of the world.  Indeed, our favorite wines are low in alcohol, low in outside influence (natural yeasts, minimal oak, filtration and extraction), high in subtlety and diversity.  We love nothing more than opening up a strange bottle of wine from region we’ve never heard of and taking a journey to that terroir.  We believe that other people, if given opportunity to drink these wines, would feel similarly.

We decided to run a little experiment to see if we can shake up the multi-level wine importation business on a small scale by buying wine directly from the wine makers and selling it directly to the people we think would most appreciate it.  Let us know what you think by emailing us at kakerawine@gmail.com


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